Miss Careful Ear Covers in Black

"I love how more easy this makes coloring my hair!" — Joeinne A. - Miss Careful customer

Miss Careful Ear Covers have a unique patented design that's multifunctional, hypoallergenic, and oh so comfortable. Our Ear Covers are one size fits all and are adjustable for comfort and protection from heat and styling products.


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Features & Benefits

Miss Careful heat-resistant ear covers are a one-of-a-kind beauty care product. Our patented design gives you comfort and peace of mind during your daily hair care routine.

Our innovative ear covers, designed for dying hair and using hot styling tools, offer the following benefits and features:

  • Protect your ears from heat, chemicals, & dyes
  • Reduce redness and itching due to irritating tools and products
  • 100% lightweight and durable silicone
  • Convenient to carry and wear
  • Hypoallergenic (suitable for all skin types)
  • Adjustable and one-size-fits-all
  • Easy to clean (mild soap & water or antibacterial wipes)
hair spray and miss careful ear covers

Luxury, Modern and Contemporary

cover ear protectors

Miss Careful Ear Covers feature a modern design that is crafted for your comfort.

Our lightweight silicone ear covers for hairdryers and heat styling tools fit gently over your ears, giving you a sleek, stylish look while offering protection when styling your hair.

This contemporary design uses hypoallergenic silicone and adjustable memory wire.


suzie mirzaians

Suzie Mirzaians is the mindful spirit behind Miss Careful and she’s endlessly inspired by her personal self-care rituals. Over the years, hair care has become her go-to daily routine because it adds the perfect touch of glamour to her life.

Her passionate pursuit of comfort and protection during her pampering sessions has led to that, must-have, can’t live without, why didn’t I think of that product!

Miss Careful Ear Covers in Black


Our Mission

We aspire to reinforce your inner confidence by helping you get the look you want without the pain. We give you a layer of protection when styling your hair so you can achieve your ideal style and project confidence throughout your day.

We always provide you with innovative, high-quality products to supplement your daily beauty routine. Our goal is to revolutionize the hairstyling industry by designing products that eliminate the outdated view that beauty equals pain.

We want to elevate your self-care routine and ensure you feel comfortable when styling your hair. Our silicone ear covers allow you to style your hair freely without worrying about hurting your skin in the process.


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