Frequently Asked Questions


Where does Miss Careful ship from?

Miss Careful ships from Los Angeles, CA USA.

Where does Miss Careful ship to?

Miss Careful currently ships to all US states and has international shipping available. We have different shipping methods and rates available. The best way to find an accurate shipping cost is during order check out.

When will my order ship?

Your order ships on the same day or following day depending on the time of day the order is placed. Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a confirmation email.

To estimate delivery, please take into account the processing time in addition to the time indicated by your selected shipping method. Orders are processed Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. The shipping carrier chosen at the time of checkout is responsible for the delivery of your package. In the case of a lost package, it is the responsibility of the carrier, and all inquiries must be directed to the carrier.

Returns & Exchanges

What's your return policy?

We are so sorry to hear that you didn't love your Miss Careful. Please email within 14 days of the arrival date of your order for an exchange or refund. The Miss Careful product you wish to return must be without any damage.

Product Information

What is Miss Careful made of?

Miss Careful is made of the softest, most lightweight, heat-resistant silicone. It is especially designed with your comfort and safety in mind. 

$35? Isn't it too much?

The cost of Miss Careful is a priceless investment to protect yourself from burns, aches and scars. Making sure we created something functional, comfortable, one size fits all, and cute all at the same time was our top priority. 

This comes at a cost. Several thousands of dollars have been invested in research and development to produce the snazzy Miss Careful you see today. We have used the softest heat-resistant materials to ensure your safety while providing comfort. Our product is adjustable and flexible and can be modified to fit just about anyone.

How do I clean my Miss Careful Ear Covers?

You can either give it a rinse using a gentle soap or use an anti-bacterial wipe or spray and you're ready to go again and again.

Is Miss Careful Ear Covers only used while styling with hot tools?

No, Miss Careful is multifunctional. Do you remember how embarrassing it was the last time you had to leave the house with dye stains on your ears?

The next time you're getting your hair dyed, put your Miss Careful on to prevent your ears from getting stained.

How to adjust my Miss Careful Ear Covers when I receive them?

Upon arrival, remove from plastic bag. Grab a hold of the ear huggers and open them up a bit, loosening the product. Try them on by placing them behind your neck and over your ears. If it feels too tight, take them off and loosen them up a little more and try them on again.

Do this a couple of times until you get the right fit. Please be gentle and patient while adjusting your Miss Careful. The neck is made of memory wire for your comfort but can break or take an odd shape if repeatedly mishandled.


What is the inspiration behind Miss Careful?

Many years back, our co-founder Suzie Mirzaians, set out to make a superior product that would contribute positively to people's lives.

As a A busy mom of two girls, and with curly, frizzy, unruly hair she loved to get a good blowout once a week a as the straight hairstyle is was easier to maintain and lasts longer. As much as she enjoyed getting her hair styled, she always left the salon with hot and irritated ears.

She took the matters into her own hands and created a product that will revolutionize your hair game forever.

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