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The shag haircut is 2022’s hottest style. Created by cutting in short layers with feathered ends, the shag style is a favorite low-maintenance style among celebrities. The versatile look works with almost every hair type. Whether you have thick, thin, long, short, straight, or curly locks you can easily rock the shag look.

Shags are also often paired with bangs to help complete the look. Because there are various shag styles, the bangs that complement them are equally as diverse. Check out some of the most trendy shag bangs for 2022 to see which is best for you.

Curly Bangs

A curly shag cut adds volume, texture, and movement to your hair. Adding bangs to a curly shag can frame any face shape. But a curly shag style does require a certain level of styling commitment. Styled incorrectly, it can look outdated. But you can easily get the curly shag style with a little effort. Make sure you bring all your hair forward and scrunch away from the face. When drying, use a diffuser so your hair won’t lose volume. A properly layered cut will do the rest to get you your desired look. For an even less maintenance cut, you can get a wash-and-go style with longer layers and longer bangs, so you won’t have to spend as much time getting ready in the morning.

Heavy Bangs

For heavy bangs, a stylist uses more hair from the top of your head to get the desired look. A heavy bang is usually blunt, cut straight across, just below your brow bone. But they can also be side-swept or cut as curtain bangs for a softer look. Heavy bangs can be an excellent addition to shag hairstyle because of their trendy face-framing appearance. Depending on your hair type, you may be able to do minimal styling, like the rest of your shag hair. But if you have curls or large waves in your hair, you may need to straighten and style your hair, adding some time to your daily routine.

Full Curls

The curly shag has been making a comeback since its heyday in the ‘70s. The modern version has less contrast between the top and back lengths and has a more modern approach to cutting, like razoring. Naturally curly and wavy hair makes an excellent base for this look.

A shag with full curls is a great way to get the right shape for your curly ‘do. Curly shags have great body because the hair’s natural texture can be shaped with layers to create a perfectly balanced style.

One issue with curly hair is that there’s too much bulk at the ends and a relatively flat top, creating an imbalanced triangular appearance. Adding short layers in your bangs helps create a more even, face-framing look that works well with curls. To incorporate bangs into the look, use a hairdryer and a thin round brush to flick the bangs out.

Mushroom Shag Bangs

Thicker bangs and a ton of volume on top create the mushroom shag look. This style returned a few years ago and is a low-maintenance modern look. But beware, this fun and free look can look like a bowl cut when done incorrectly. Ensure your stylist thins out the ends for more shag and less blunt bowl cut.

However, unlike the easy, carefree nature of the standard shag style, some styling keeps the mushroom look from appearing unkempt. Use a good styling cream to give the choppy layers definition.

Baby Shag

If you’re unsure about committing to a shag cut, opt for a baby one, sometimes called a “shaglet.” The baby shag is unique because it’s a little shorter than a typical shag but not as blunt or dramatic as a mullet. It flows more and has slightly longer layers that are well-blended for those who may be intimidated by a shorter, choppier style. It also features soft, wispy pieces that help frame the face.

This look is best for medium to fine hair with a bit of curl or wave so the hair can naturally move and won’t be weighed down by thick hair that would otherwise be cut off with a standard shag.

To style, less is more. Just scrunch in a shine spray to wet hair and let air dry. Once dry, add dry texture spray to finish the look.

Modern Mullet

The mullet has made a surprising (to some) comeback. The mullet has transitioned into the modern age thanks to celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Zendaya.

With variations on the modern mullet, from Dolly Parton’s iconic look of teased hair and bangs to Demi Lovato’s cropped cut, there’s something for all mullet fans. But the long and effortless layers seen on Halsey closely resemble a shag cut that works best with shaggy bangs.

When getting a modern mullet look, the vital thing to remember is to go to a stylist who understands the importance of cutting based on your face shape. Getting the right balance of glam and edgy into a mullet takes experience, and you need someone who can create the right mullet silhouette for your face shape and hair type.

‘70s Shag

When most people think of ‘70s shag, they think of Farah Fawcett and her gorgeous long shag and feathered bangs. You can recreate her iconic look by asking your stylist to keep your hair long and add many face-framing layers that you can curl away from your face using a hair straightener or curling iron.

The feathered bangs add even more to the look by giving you a wispy, carefree look that’s ultrafeminine and stylish. To complete the Farah Fawcett look, add blonde highlights to give you a summery, beachy glow.

Classic Shag

The classic shag is a favorite among rockers and celebrities looking for an effortless and edgy look. It’s messy and casual, typically featuring plenty of layers, texture, and choppy ends. It works for almost every hair length and texture.

And a great shag is completed by the right bangs. Classic shags work great with curtain bangs that, in themselves, have an effortless feel and add great face-framing pieces to complete the overall look.

Short Shag with Bangs

A short shag can be anywhere between a pixie cut and bob-length. What makes it a shag is plenty of layers for additional movement and texture. This is great for straight hair or thin hair that lacks volume. The short layers help create volume around the crown, and the look is customizable to each person's style.

However, while the style is low-maintenance, because of the cut and choppy layers, you may be unable to wear your hair in a ponytail or any updo.

Low-Maintenance Shag with Bangs

The ultimate in easy styling is a low-maintenance shag with bangs. The cut boosts your natural hair texture and is versatile and practical, making thick hair manageable and fine hair voluminous.

To make the cut low-maintenance, opt for longer layers so you can space out your cuts every three to four months. To style, just add a small amount of your favorite hair product and let it air dry for a lived-in look.

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