Halo Hair Coloring Technique: A Simple How To

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Looking to add some wow factor to your hair? If so, halo hair coloring could be the perfect technique for you. This popular coloring method has been gaining traction in the U.S., so lets dive into the basics of how you can get this look.

The Halo Hair Coloring Technique


If you’re planning on doing halo hair coloring yourself at home, make sure that you have all the necessary supplies before getting started, including our Miss Careful Ear Covers!

First, section the parts of your hair that you want to color. Top (crown), the area around the crown, and finally the bottom backdrop hair section. 

Make the hair dye mixture for the three different sections. When coloring in, put the hair-dye mixture on the sections of hair you've set apart. Make sure that the color goes into each part well. 

Next, start by coloring the bottom section, we call it the backdrop section, first. Once done, then move up to the next section, which is the halo area.

This is where you want to be bold with the color of your choice with vibrant color. Lastly, move to the top or crown section with a solid color.

So, now we want to let the color set for the amount of time that the hair coloring package says to do so. Follow all directions, unless you're a pro and you know how to do this cuz you've done this a million times!

Finally, rinse the hair until the water is clear and all the dye is gone. Wash your hair as usual and put conditioner on it and style it as you normally would.

Tips for Successful Halo Hair Coloring

You may already know this but...

  • Make sure that you choose colors that complement each other well – nothing too drastic – as this will give you a more natural look than if you were using contrasting colors.
  • When dyeing your hair, it is important to take steps to minimize the mess and avoid potential damage. Miss Careful ear covers are an easy-to-use, must-have tool that can help keep all the nasty hair dye out of your ears as you color your hair. (Wink wink 🙂)
  • Don't forget to buy extra dye as you may need more than what comes in one box if your hair is long or thick.
  • Finally, be sure not to leave the dye in for too long as this could result in over-processing and potential damage to your strands!

Halo hair coloring is an easy way to get creative with how you style your hair, so if you're looking for something new for your next hairstyle adventure, consider the halo coloring technique! Cheers.

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