5 Things I Would Never Do Without Ear Covers

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The styling products and devices you use on your hair help you look your best and express your personality. Unfortunately, they can also damage sensitive ear tissue that’s exposed if you don’t protect it with specially designed ear covers.

Discover five things you should avoid doing without ear covers, as well as how Miss Careful Ear Covers protect your skin from heat or chemical burns when styling your hair.

Coloring Hair

Coloring your hair at home can be a great way to touch up your roots or an inexpensive alternative to visiting the salon. However, hair dyes often contain chemicals like ammonia and paraphenylenediamine (PPD). These substances can cause skin irritation and have a high incidence of allergies.

The pigments in hair dyes are also made to get into the hair cuticle and change the natural protein structure of the hair strands. Unfortunately, since your skin and hair are made from essentially the same proteins, your hair dye can stain your skin.

The most vulnerable part of your head when dying your hair is your ears. Using Miss Careful Ear Covers can help prevent skin burns and discoloration, making at-home dye jobs easier.

Using Hot Tools to Style Hair

Heated styling tools like curling wands, straighteners, and hair dryers are fast, convenient methods for creating hairstyles with plenty of body and movement. However, heated styling tools can reach up to 400°F, which is enough to cause second or third-degree burns.

Ear covers keep you from accidentally burning the sensitive skin on your ears, so you can style your hair quickly and easily without pain.

Using Spray Products

Root boosts or hairsprays offer just the right amount of hold to keep your hairstyle in place, while root boosters provide much-needed volume for fine or thinning hair. But to help you get styles that defy gravity, these products have things in them like alcohol and propellants that can dry out and irritate your skin. If these products accidentally enter the ear canal, they may cause inflammation and infection.

Always wear your Miss Careful Ear Covers when you use hairspray or root booster so that you don't get it on your ears or neck.

Using Blow Dryers with Earrings on Ears

One thing you should never forget is to wear your Miss Careful Ear Covers when blow-drying your hair with earrings on.

Metal earrings and backs can get very hot from a hair dryer, which could cause minor burns. Heat can also damage jewelry by melting metals that are soft or plated or by loosening the glue that holds the stones in place.

The force of the dryer's air can also cause your hair to get tangled around your earrings. This is especially bad if you have dangling or chandelier earrings.

Using Relaxers or Chemical Treatments

Relaxers and other chemical hair treatments like perms contain preservatives like sodium hydroxide (lye) or formaldehyde. These chemicals alter the keratin structures in the hair to alter the hair’s texture; however, they’re also corrosive and can cause skin burns.

Protect Your Skin with Miss Careful Ear Covers

Using Miss Careful Ear Covers to protect your ears means you can use the styling products and tools you need to get the look you want. With Miss Careful, you won’t burn or discolor your ears, giving you the freedom to style your hair the way you want without worrying.

Shop Miss Careful today to get your pair of black or pink silicone ear covers as part of your self-care routine.

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