Ear Protection 101: What Every Girl Needs to Know About Dying Their Hair

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Dying our hair is a fun way to change up our looks and boost our confidence, but it's important to remember that it can also be dangerous for our ears. Lets get into it.


The chemicals in hair dye can irritate and even hurt the skin and hair around our ears so, to make sure we're safe, it's important to know what could go wrong and take the right steps to avoid them.

Contact dermatitis

This is one of the biggest dangers we need to watch out for. This is an allergic reaction that can happen when the chemicals in hair dye touch our skin. Redness, itching, and even blistering are some of the signs.

If your skin is sensitive, you might be more likely to have this kind of reaction. Do a patch test on a small area of your skin before putting the dye on your whole head. This will help you avoid getting contact dermatitis.

Chemical Burns

Chemical burns can happen if the hair dye gets in our ears or on other sensitive parts of our skin. When applying the dye, it's important to take care not to get chemical burns.

For example, you should always wear gloves to protect your hands and use a brush instead of your fingers to apply the dye. Also, don't put hair dye on areas of your skin that are hurt or broken.

We could use Miss Careful ear protectors to give our ears an extra layer of protection. With our ear protectors on, the dye is less likely to get into our ears and cause irritation or damage. 

Fumes From Dyes

We also need to be aware of the risks of breathing in the fumes from hair dye. If you breathe in the fumes from hair dye, you could get a headache or even have an allergic reaction.

To lower the chance of breathing in hair dye fumes, use hair dye in a well-ventilated room and don't breathe in the fumes directly.

So, take extra precautions when dying your hair.  Avoid getting contact dermatitis, chemical burns, and breathing in hair dye fumes.  

Dying hair

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