Diffusing v. Air Drying: How to Get the Best Results for Your Curly Hair

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Curly hair is a beautiful asset, but it can be difficult to manage and maintain. To get the best results for your curly locks, you need to understand the difference between diffusing and air drying.

Both methods have their pros and cons, so understanding which one works better in different scenarios can help you achieve the perfect look for your curls.

Air-Drying Curly Hair

If you're tired of using heat on your hair, air-drying is a great alternative to get defined and bouncy curls. It's super simple, all you need to do is wash and condition your hair like normal, and let it dry naturally.

Drying your curls this way does tend to offer less volume, but can offer really defined curls. You can either flip your head over and scrunch your curls up, or wrap your hair in a t-shirt, towel or even a sock bun until your curls are dry.

Air-drying your curly hair has lots of benefits! It's a low-maintenance way to style your hair without using any extra products, and it can even enhance your natural texture. However, it does take a bit more patience since it takes longer for your hair to dry. Plus, be sure to not touch your hair as it's drying to prevent any frizz.

Diffusing Curly Hair

If you're short on time and looking for more texture and a defined pattern then diffusing your curls might be the way to go. Diffusing your hair involves using a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer. Just use a low to medium heat setting and gently move the diffuser around your scalp for even coverage.

Be careful not to let the diffuser touch your scalp or ears to prevent heat damage. By the way, one way to protect your ears during this process is to use our ear covers of course! If you're looking for a diffuser to purchase, here's a great article from Forbes on diffusers.

Once finished, you can add even more definition and texture by flipping your head over and scrunching your curls up or wrapping them in a t-shirt or towel.

Do not shake out your hair unless it's dry. You can use your hand and fingers to gently check your roots and see if they're dry. If you feel any moisture in your roots, you can place the diffuser gently on those areas for a little longer.

Whether you choose to air dry or diffuse your curly hair, make sure you're doing what's best for your hair type and preferences. Remember, healthy hair always comes first!

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