10 Trending Hair Colors for Fall 2022

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The fall season means pumpkin spice, cozy sweaters, and new hair color. For many, the summer was full of outdoor fun, vacations, and popping your hair up in a bun. But for fall, you’re getting back into your routine and looking for a new look that fits with the transition of the seasons.

Before you head to the salon, make sure you choose a hair color that best fits your natural hairstyle and skin tone and has a manageable maintenance routine for your schedule. Check out which of the ten trending hair colors best suits you.

Rich Brunette

Rich brunette is a monotone color that blends shine-heavy brown tones to create a bold brunette shade. The intensity and tone of a rich brunette depend on your skin tone, so ask your colorist which is best suited for you.

Woman in sunglasses with Rich Brunette long hair

This natural-looking hair color is perfect for those who want an expensive look with a low-maintenance hair care routine. While it is low-maintenance, it’s still a commitment, especially for those with blonde hair.

If you go dark and decide to change back to a lighter color, the bleaching and stripping process that goes into it may lead to more damage.

Curl Lights

If you’re looking to lighten your curls, the curl lights hair color is a great way to add tone and texture to curly hair. Curl lights are a form of balayage, which is highlights that don’t go all the way to the roots. The color is more focused on the ends to give a natural sun-kissed look to hair.

African American woman with Curly light hair

Balayage is a great low-maintenance option because the hair color doesn’t go all the way to the roots, instead starting about mid-length and reaching down to the ends.

The natural hair color that grows at the roots is not as noticeable, allowing you to go longer between touch-ups. Applying a toner to your curls every six to eight weeks will help keep your balayage fresh while removing unwanted orange or brassy tones.

Light Brown Caramel

A light brown caramel hair color is the perfect versatile look for fall. It combines light brown or milk chocolate undertones with amber or golden highlights to create a rich, glossy hue with plenty of dimensions.

Woman with long straight light brown caramel hair color

Shades with more amber highlights are better suited to people with cooler skin undertones, while deeper caramel shades are ideal for people with olive skin tones or warm undertones.

Although this is a low-maintenance hair color, you’ll still need to watch that the amber doesn’t become too brassy. Use a blue toning shampoo once or twice weekly to keep your locks looking lush.

Apple Cinnamon Hair Color

Unlike classic cinnamon hair colors, which are typically more amber-hued, apple cinnamon has rich red highlights running through it, giving you eye-catching tresses for fall. Opt for full-head highlights to amp up the volume, or go understated with balayage.

Shades like apple cinnamon need frequent root touch-ups at the salon. However, if you have naturally cinnamon hair, you can wait a couple of extra weeks between salon visits.

To keep your locks looking vibrant, avoid washing more than once or twice weekly and use sulfate-free hair care products. This prevents premature fading and dryness, to which color-treated red hair is prone.

Beach Bronde Hair Color

If you’re not ready to give up your beach vibes, the beach bronde is a great toned-down version of the summer favorite. With a blend of blonde and brunette to become “bronde,” you can have a sun-kissed look without being too harsh.

Woman with long Beach Bronde hair color

To add the sand-beige highlights, start with a deep brunette and add a blended balayage. For natural blondes, it’s best to keep the color warmer by adding different shades of blonde throughout. To help keep it low maintenance, ask for a root shadow so it grows out seamlessly.

Dark Auburn Brown Hair Color

The dark auburn color is a deep rich red that is more brown than orange. It’s highly sought after by stylists and celebrities because of its natural look, adding contrast and glow to facial features.

Dark auburn is an excellent choice for women with naturally light auburn hair looking to go a little darker for autumn. It’s also great for naturally dark-haired women who want a lighter option that is more daring than classic blonde while remaining flattering for fall.

Dusty Lavender Hair

If you’re looking for something completely new this fall, look no further than dusty lavender. Dusty lavender is pale violet with a metallic silver hue that complements most skin tones but really pops on people with warmer skin undertones like peach or gold.

Keep your lavender locks fresh with a purple toning shampoo. This ensures the platinum base layer remains icy, allowing the silver to shine through.

Avoid washing your hair in hot water; the heat opens the hair cuticle allowing the violet dye to leak out, fading your color. You can refresh your shade between visits to the salon with a pastel violet color-depositing shampoo.

Midnight Brunette Hair

Midnight brunette is an excellent option for dark-haired women looking to go even darker or blondes looking for a massive change. Midnight brunette is a cooler-tone brown that has sophistication and edge.

After a long summer in the sun, where your brown hair has possibly been oxidized, a chocolatey brown is an excellent transition for fall to give you warmth.

Midnight brunette complements almost all skin tones and helps bring out warmth from the skin to create a healthy, vibrant look. Use shampoo specifically for color-treated hair to keep the color vibrant and glossy. It’s also a good idea to shower with cold water and avoid heat tools where possible.

Caramel Balayage Hair

Caramel balayage naturally blends light brown or milk chocolate highlights into a darker brunette base color, giving you an effortless sun-kissed appearance. It’s a shade that is universally flattering on all skin tones and is simple to maintain.

If your balayage has lighter brown or blond highlights, you’ll need a purple toner shampoo once a week to avoid brassiness. If your highlights are darker, use a color-depositing shampoo close to the original highlight color. This keeps your color looking salon-fresh for weeks.

Buttery Blonde Hair

For a warmer blonde color this fall, buttery blonde can add depth and dimension to your blonde hair while still maintaining your lighter color. The buttery color can come in a range of shades, from a sunny yellow to a toasted brown.

The best color for you will depend on your skin tone and natural hair color, so it’s best to speak with a stylist to help create the perfect blend.

Buttery blond hair style on a woman

To keep your blonde buttery, it’s recommended that you use a hair mask weekly and use shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair. You should also regularly use purple shampoo to avoid unwanted yellow or orange tones from coming out.

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Trending Hair Colors For Fall

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